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What does the Hearing Journey at Tri-County Hearing Services look like?

The hearing journey refers to the process of diagnosing and treating hearing loss. It typically begins with a hearing evaluation, which is performed by an audiologist or a hearing healthcare professional. This evaluation may include a series of tests to assess the individual’s hearing abilities and determine the type and severity of their hearing loss.


Once the hearing loss has been diagnosed, the audiologist or hearing healthcare professional will discuss the different treatment options available. These may include hearing aids, cochlear implants, or assistive listening devices. The professional will also guide how to use and care for the chosen device.


In addition to the use of hearing aids, a hearing rehabilitation program may be recommended. This may include counseling, education, and training on how to communicate effectively with others, how to manage challenging listening situations, and how to use assistive devices.


Follow-up appointments with the audiologist or hearing healthcare professional may be scheduled to monitor the individual’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.

It is important to note that the hearing journey is a continuous process, and individuals with hearing loss may require ongoing support and adjustments to their treatment plan as their needs change over time.

What does the Hearing Journey at Tri-County Hearing Services look like?

So, it all started when there was I was little and my parents weren’t getting along. With arguments every day and a lot of shouting and yelling, I closed up in my room and turned up the music so that couldn’t hear them.


Well, not hearing arguments was a success but eventually, I was feeling that my ears hurt. In fact, hearing the arguments, or anything for that matter was getting difficult. I couldn’t keep up with the conversations with my friends or anyone around me. Ignoring the same for so many years, now that I am past the entire trauma, I decided to get my hearing checked. It was more of a pressure because I was hesitant in getting my hearing tested. That’s when someone recommended Tri-County and its free online hearing test. Well, I took the test very seriously and did everything it asked me for the whole 5 minutes. Finally, as a diagnosis, it was found that slightly better than Significant Loss.


It was then I booked an appointment with Tri-County Hearing for a consultation. I must say I was worried about how awkward this whole sitting will be but it all turned out well. The staff was so welcoming and considerate. They made me feel comfortable about the whole hearing impairment issue. The consultation, the check-up, and the solution were given not immediately but with patience. I was recommended a hearing aid that fit me perfectly. Moreover, after a few settings done by the professional at the facility, I felt that my hearing improved, and for the first time, I did not have to say “I am sorry” when someone said something.


Tri-County Hearing Services has been a constant support since the very sitting with the clinic. Life has been easier and very communicative since I have gotten my hearing aids from the clinic.


 I would highly recommend Tri-County Hearing Services to everyone who has been suffering yet hiding their hearing problem. Whether it is tinnitus or any other hearing issue, you should get it tested. It is only then you will get a better opportunity to feel good.

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