Why Choose Us

Your hearing is important to us

Through improved hearing, we relish facilitating people’s reconnection with those they cherish. Your improved hearing allows you to pursue your other pursuits, which is our ambition.

Our focus is improving your hearing so you can pursue your interests. It is very important to us that you are satisfied with the hearing treatment we provide for you. We are aware that you will be better equipped to make an accurate and informative purchasing decision the more you are aware of your hearing loss and your alternatives.

The neighborhood hearing specialists that you need are us

We have professional audiologists and hearing instrument specialists on staff that is knowledgeable about hearing aids. You can be at peace and focus on your journey to better hearing with Tri-County Hearing Services.

We can determine the level of hearing loss you have

Our team of certified audiologists is experienced in conducting comprehensive, reliable, and exact diagnosis hearing exams. Our recommendations for the best ways to improve your hearing will be made primarily on the findings of your hearing test.

Your happiness is guaranteed through precise fittings and settings

Based on the findings of your hearing test, our specialists are competent at fitting and customizing hearing aids. To ensure that you hear as well as possible—even in the most challenging hearing circumstances—we use the most cutting-edge fitting techniques and tools.

Modern hearing aids maximize your hearing capacity

We collaborate with the greatest producers and provide a full selection of the most cutting-edge hearing aids on the market.

Outstanding follow-up care provides you with ongoing, individualized assistance

Long after your first fitting, you still have a partnership with us. Regular clinic appointments are part of your follow-up treatment to make sure your hearing aids are functioning properly.

To make it easier for you, we provide a one-stop experience

We provide a complete selection of hearing aids, batteries, and other hearing devices for your comfort. In fact, you can simply visit the clinic once and we can take the follow-up from there.

Your hearing aids will continue to function flawlessly with the "Clean and Check" service that we offer at Tri-County Hearing Services.

At your first fitting, we will guide you on how to maintain your hearing aids. However, you are free to come back at any time for a comprehensive cleaning.

We maintain and fix hearing aids

The majority of the time within a day, we are capable of repairing hearing aids in our clinic. However, that can vary.  We will be happy to accelerate the process for you if your hearing aid inevitably requires to be sent out for repair.