Hearing Aids in Florida

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Tri-County Hearing Services

Our Promise To You

Customized Care & Solutions

We understand that you’re making a major life decision – a decision to reconnect with the world around you. Our custom individualized approach to Customer Care reflects our promise to you.

Our Vision

We are committed to setting the standards of excellence for Hearing Wellness, Hearing Care and Hearing Education. Our mission is simple: serve needs of our patients by providing the highest quality care and solutions to help them live healthier and happier live by hearing better.

Our Quality Promise

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care that supports your hearing wellness. Our commitment extends to our Quality Promise. That promise is designed to empower all of our patients to experience better hearing, supported by our experienced staff providing compassionate personal care and state-of-the-art technology.

  • A complete visual and diagnostic FREE Hearing Evaluation.
  • A complete Lifestyle Assessment so we can understand your current environment to make the right recoimmendations.
  • Verification of audibility on all hearing aid fittings to ensure the best hearing correction possible.
  • Provide a comprehensive counseling and aural rehabilitation program to maximize the benefit of your hearing aids.
  • Effective binaural hearing solutions. Our health and safety policy demands that patient safety is paramount in our application of technology.

Follow-Up Care and Service

We are committed to enhancing your satisfaction through the delivery of comprehensive care and service that consistently conforms to your expectations.

  • 30-day evaluation period standard on all hearing aid fittings. 
  • 60-day exchange period for a different size or style of hearing aids.
  • Comprehensive warranty plans include:
    • Unlimited cleaning and adjustment
    • Loss Protection up to 1-year
    • Corrosion and moisture protection
    • Remote fitting adjustments
    • Free software updates for the life of your hearing aids
  • Unlimited office visits and hearing aid evaluations while under warranty.
  • Loaner hearing aids may be provided if your hearing aids require factory repair and if there are loaners in stock.
  • Guaranteed trade-in value of your hearing aids.

We strive to continuously improve the performance, quality, and value of our products and services through innovation and technological excellence. We support you through the life of your hearing aids and guarantee a higher trade-in value of your hearing aids.