Our Promise To You

Personalized Services & Hearing Healthcare

We, at Tri-County Hearing Services recognize that you are choosing to re-engage with your surroundings, which is a significant life decision. Our commitment to you is reflected in our unique, personalized method of providing customer care.

Our Goal

We’re dedicated to establishing professional levels in hearing healthcare, hearing treatment, and hearing awareness at Tri-County Hearing Services. Our goal is to aid individuals by offering the best care and treatments possible so they can make healthy choices, and have a satisfying life by improving their hearing.

Individualized Hearing Services to Meet Demands

You can anticipate the quality of care and knowledge from a seasoned hearing practitioner from our certified experts at Tri-County Hearing Services. With the use of cutting-edge testing and fitting technology, we can offer you the most thorough hearing care available. A wide range of digital goods that have established themselves as state-of-the-art in hearing innovation help us further our dedication to enhanced hearing.

Assurance of Satisfaction

We are dedicated to providing the best possible care to assist your hearing well-being. Our assurance of satisfaction is part of our dedication. This pledge is intended to give all of our clients the ability to hear clearer, and it is backed by our skilled staff’s sensitive service and cutting-edge technology.
  • A thorough examination and diagnosis NO COST Hearing Test.
  • A thorough lifestyle evaluation will enable us to comprehend your present situation and provide the best recommendations.
  • To provide the maximum-suited hearing restoration, the audibility of every hearing aid fitting is checked.
  • To get the most out of your hearing aids, offer thorough counseling and auditory retraining.
  • Solutions for binaural hearing that work. Client security must always come first in our use of technology, according to our healthcare and protection strategy.

Services and Aftercare at Tri-County Hearing Services

Our goal is to raise your level of satisfaction by continually providing services and care that are thorough and up to par with your standards.

Every hearing aid fitting comes with a 30-day assessment period as standard.

The 60-day window for exchanging hearing aids for ones of a different size or design.

All-inclusive warranty plans consist of:

  • Continual scrubbing and adjusting
  • Loss Insurance for a Year
  • Prevention against corrosion and moisture
  • Remote fitting modifications
  • A lifetime of free software updates for your hearing aids
  • While under warranty, there is no limit to office visits or hearing aid assessments.
  • If your hearing aids need factory repair and there are loaners available, loaner hearing aids may be offered.
  • Your hearing aids will be valued at a guaranteed trade-in.

We, Tri-County Hearing Services work hard to consistently enhance the functionality, worth, and performance of our goods and services by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovation. We provide you with support for the duration of the life of your hearing aids and promise a greater trade-in value.

Customized Hearing Solutions to Meet Individual Needs

Our expert staff will provide you with the level of service and expertise you’d expect from an experienced hearing professional. Our state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment allows us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of comprehensive hearing care. Our commitment to better hearing is enhanced with an extensive line of digital products that have proven themselves to be on the leading edge of hearing technology.

Our Quality Promise

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care that supports your hearing wellness. Our commitment extends to our Quality Promise. That promise is designed to empower all of our patients to experience better hearing, supported by our experienced staff providing compassionate personal care and state-of-the-art technology.

Follow-Up Care and Service

We are committed to enhancing your satisfaction through the delivery of comprehensive care and service that consistently conforms to your expectations.

We strive to continuously improve the performance, quality, and value of our products and services through innovation and technological excellence. We support you through the life of your hearing aids and guarantee a higher trade-in value of your hearing aids.

Tri-County Hearing Services