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Your Trusted Tri-County Hearing Services in Ocala Florida

Over the years we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people in Ocala, FL, with their hearing problems. From mild to moderate hearing loss, to serious hearing damage as a result of noise or aging, we have helped people hear again and have a better, more soundful life! Our services are guaranteed and we accept most insurance plans. If you are having any difficulties hearing, give us a call today! Tri-County Hearing Services offers customized hearing solutions in Ocala (College Road) and the surrounding areas. With over 8 years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals get the quality hearing care they need – thanks to the hearing aid specialist in Ocala.

For more information on a hearing aids in Ocala Florida that fits you, call the hearing instrument specialists and hearing professional at Tri-County Hearing Services today!

Tri-County Hearing Services is one of the top hearing services providers in Ocala with a branch on College Road. If you or someone you know may be experiencing hearing loss or have any questions regarding hearing services or looking for hearing aid professional Ocala, Fl, you are encouraged to call the office or stop by and speak with a member of our staff. When you visit our hearing aids centers in Ocala Fl, you’ll find that we provide a wide range of services including hearing aid sales and repairs as well as free hearing tests.

Some of the services available at Tri-County Hearing Services include:

  • Tinnitus services
  • Customized hearing solutions
  • Clean and check the ear
  • Online Free Hearing test in Ocala Fl 
  • Free Hearing consultation; and more

Our Staff

Michael "Tony" Leone - (Licensed H.I.S.)

Michael “Tony” Leone

Licensed H.I.S.

Michael “Tony” Leone is a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in The Villages and Santa Barbara, FL offices. He has worked in the hearing industry for the past 4 years and at Tri County Hearing for the past 2.5 years. He specializes in tinnitus and custom hearing aids. Tony loves helping people and improving their lives. Originally from Dunnellon, FL, Tony is a prize fighter as a hobby.

Mayra Ortiz


Mayra Ortiz, HIS is originally from Brooklyn, NY and attended Laguardia Community College before moving to Central Florida. She has studied under national board hearing instrument scientists that are world renown. Mayra has been in the hearing industry for the past four years and was interested in the industry because of her drive to help people and change lives. She deeply enjoys helping people hear the sounds of life again. She feels that this profession is not a job but a passion and inspiration. Mayra is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Mayra Ortiz - HHP

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