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Inverness has your trusted Tri-County Hearing Services Clinic Now

Tri-County Hearing Services in Inverness specializes in customizing hearing solutions for its patients. Their hearing experts work with you to ensure that you’re getting the best hearing aids in Inverness for your specific needs. Their solutions are tailored to each patient and are focused on giving you a better experience. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for each patient they work with.

At Tri-County Hearing Services we are a full-service clinic that stays on the edge of hearing technologies. This helps us serve our customers by providing them with customized solutions to their hearing problems and offer top hearing services in Inverness.

Tri-County Hearing Services has a hearing aid centre Inverness offers custom in-ear and best hearing aids in Inverness, Florida. We’re here to help you with your hearing problems, providing expert services based on your specific needs. 


We specialize in helping people who have:

  • Hearing loss (ranging from mild to profound)
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing damage
  • Other hearing-related issues

Our goal is to help you with hearing loss. Call today at 1-888-432-7784 to schedule an appointment! The hearing instrument specialists at Tri-County Hearing  Services provide complete hearing screenings for adults and children and can work with you to find hearing solutions for any problem you may have. You can rely on Tri-County Hearing Services for complete, custom hearing services in Inverness.

Our Staff

Joshua Schultz - H.I.S.

Joshua Schultz

Hearing Care Professional

Joshua Schultz, works in the Inverness, Beverly Hills, and Crystal Rivers offices and specializes in tinnitus and hearing aid fittings, maintenance, and impressions. After growing up in Hoboken, NJ, Joshua attended the University of Southern Florida in Tampa. He has worked and lived in the community for 20 years and is passionate about helping his patients discover what they have been missing. He got into the industry to help people improve their communication and gain confidence. Joshua also enjoys reading and traveling.

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