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Tri-County Hearing Services – Hearing Aid Center in Crystal River

At Tri-County Hearing Services, we are proud to offer personalized hearing solutions to our customers in Crystal River. We have the latest hearing aid technology to help you get your hearing back after a medical condition or injury. Additionally, our staff of hearing instrument specialists can help you maintain your hearing by offering regular check-ups to update your hearing aids.

We offer customized hearing solutions in crystal river, florida to fit any schedule and meet the needs of our patients. From in-office consultations and hearing tests to hearing aid sales and services, we have what you need to help with your hearing problems in Crystal River, Florida. We’d like to invite you to our clinic for a free hearing test and consultation with one of our experienced professionals! Our experts will help you find the perfect solution to amplify sound to your liking and help you achieve your ideal lifestyle. Every customer is unique, and they’ll take the time to find the right solution for you. Since every pair of ears hears differently, we’ll get the best solution for you, customized to your specific hearing needs. We are confident that, after you visit us, you will agree that our hearing solutions are the best out there!

Set up a consultation with us right away to learn more about your hearing health.

The first step to a healthier life and enhanced hearing is to schedule a consultation with Joshua Schultz, a hearing specialist, to assist you with your hearing problems.

Hearing aid services are offered by Tri-County Hearing Services in Crystal River, Florida.

  • Free Hearing Test
  • Free Hearing Consultations
  • Hearing Devices
  • Hearing Aid Repair
  • Otoscopic check
  • Customized hearing solutions for clients

As an added convenience, we have a wide range of payment plans to suit your needs. For more information about our hearing aids in Crystal River, call us at 1-888-432-7784.

Our Staff

Joshua Schultz - H.I.S.

Joshua Schultz

Hearing Healthcare Professional

Joshua Schultz, HIS works in the Inverness, Beverly Hills, and Crystal Rivers offices and specializes in tinnitus and hearing aid fittings, maintenance, and impressions. After growing up in Hoboken, NJ, Joshua attended the University of Southern Florida in Tampa. He has worked and lived in the community for 20 years and is passionate about helping his patients discover what they have been missing. He got into the industry to help people improve their communication and gain confidence. Joshua also enjoys reading and traveling.

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