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myth and facts of hearing loss

Summary: The moment has come to dispel falsehoods and learn the truth about hearing loss. Knowing the truth will help you better

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

This may be due, at a minimum, to the extraordinarily gradual onset of age-related hearing loss, which is still the most prevalent

reasons to get a hearing test

Most people are aware of the value of routine physical examinations, dentist appointments, and eye checks. To guarantee that your hearing remains

how to clean your hearing aids

How to Clean & Care Your Hearing Aids?

Become familiar with how to clean hearing aids. Moreover, maintain them like they’re new for a longer period of time. Due to

causes of hearing loss

What are the Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss?

Hearing is a very important sense for human beings. It helps us communicate with others. It helps us share a lot of

everything about tinitus

Everything About Tinnitus That Everyone Should Know!

Although tinnitus is sometimes defined as an ear ringing, it’s not quite that straightforward. Although reasonably prevalent, tinnitus is also frequently misinterpreted.

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Statistics show that the prevalence of hearing loss doubles for every decade of life, which explains why one out of three people 65-74 have hearing loss, nearly half over 75 have it, and four out of five people 85+ have hearing loss.

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