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Living with hyperacusis can be overwhelming and challenging. This condition causes a heightened sensitivity to sound, making everyday activities like driving, working,

A frequent ailment that affects millions of people globally is hearing loss. Due to an injury, illness, or exposure to loud noises,

Connecting hearing loss and tinnitus may seem obvious, but many different ways exist. Hearing loss caused by injury to the inner ear,

Our capacity to hear may get worse as we get older, which can affect how we live. Hearing aids can be quite

Millions of individuals throughout the world are affected by hearing loss, and many of them have a lower quality of life as

With the right therapies, individuals with unilateral hearing loss may be better able to locate sounds and interpret speech in noisy environments.

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Statistics show that the prevalence of hearing loss doubles for every decade of life, which explains why one out of three people 65-74 have hearing loss, nearly half over 75 have it, and four out of five people 85+ have hearing loss.

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