How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Getting Worse?

How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Getting Worse?

Prevent Hearing Loss From Getting Worse

Do you suffer from hearing loss but have not sought medical attention? Are you hoping it will pass quickly and on its own? Even while hearing loss is frequently irreversible, there are certain steps you may do to stop hearing loss from getting worse.

Methods to Prevent Hearing Loss from Getting Worse

If you want to know how to prevent hearing loss from getting worse, here we are to help you through it. Here are the quick ways how to prevent hearing loss from getting worse and for maintaining hearing health, whether or not you have hearing loss:

  1. Put on hearing aids to stop hearing loss from getting worse

Hearing loss can be exacerbated by loud noises. It is recommended to safeguard your hearing by wearing protection if you know you will be around loud noises, such as machinery, lawn equipment, jet engines, or a boisterous crowd during a concert or event. You can assist prevent hearing loss caused by the noise by blocking out the majority of the noise with earplugs or headphones.

Of course, the frequency with which you need to wear hearing protection will rely on your habits. You ought not to utilize hearing protection if you only encounter loud noise a few times a year, such as at sporting events or concerts. In contrast, you might need to wear hearing protection every day if you work in a noisy setting like one at a worksite, a landscaping company, or an airport.

  1. When possible, stay away from noisy areas

One of the methods to prevent hearing loss from getting worse is to keep as far away from noisy situations as you can. Noise that is too loud, especially if it is 85 dB or greater, can harm your hearing either temporarily or permanently. Your hearing can be safeguarded by avoiding these noisy areas completely.

  1. Avert using ototoxic medications

Certain drugs can harm the inner ear since they are ototoxic. Damage like this might cause hearing loss or make a hearing loss that already exists worse. Do not cease taking an ototoxic drug without first consulting your hearing specialist if it has been prescribed to you. Inquire with your doctor whether there are any alternative treatments and potential preventative measures for hearing loss getting worse.

  1. Minimize earwax accumulation

The next step on how to prevent hearing loss from getting worse is dealing with earwax accumulation. Hearing problems can result from earwax (also known as cerumen) accumulation. The extra earwax is often expelled by your ears, but occasionally an accumulation can happen and result in a blockage. If you think that your hearing issues could be brought on by earwax buildup, consult a hearing specialist.

If you don’t have an eardrum hole, you can still get rid of extra earwax at home by lightly softening it with a few droplets of lukewarm olive oil, almond oil, water, or a professional earwax removal solution.

  1. Remember to take your overall health into account

Everything in your body is interconnected. Hearing loss frequently affects more than just your ears. Other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, and others may be connected to it. Keep comprehensive wellness as your objective even though the precise relationship between these factors is still a matter of debate and may not be obvious in your case. Ask your hearing specialist how you can improve your overall well-being and how your hearing health may impact your overall health.

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  1. Make use of the technology to stop hearing loss from getting worse

Living with uncontrolled hearing loss is not necessary. Innovation has made it possible to utilize hearing aids to control hearing loss. Utilizing hearing aids can enable you to hear noises that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, allowing you to take part in social interactions, hear discussions, and listen to natural sounds. Additionally, wearing hearing aids can help you maintain your current hearing.

We encourage you to get in touch with a hearing specialist at Tri-County Hearing Services right away if you’re interested in learning more about how to preserve your hearing, even if you already have hearing loss. We are excited to help you.

  1. Understand the hearing loss symptoms

Even if you are aware that you have hearing loss and want to know how to prevent hearing loss from getting worse, you should schedule a free hearing test or evaluation at Tri-County Hearing Services. The hearing loss sign and symptoms are:

  • You struggle to hear on the phone.
  • In-person, people are hushed.
  • Either one or both of your ears are hissing or ringing.
  • You have difficulty hearing high-pitched noises, such as the doorbell or birds
  • You frequently request that someone talk more slowly, louder, or repeatedly.
  1. Regularly check your hearing

To prevent hearing loss from getting worse, anyone with a hearing impairment must undergo annual hearing tests. Your audiologist will assess your hearing annually and compare the results to previous tests. Your hearing specialist can identify issues early on thanks to routine exams.

  1. Maintain your general health

Making healthy decisions is beneficial to both your general health and hearing health. A balanced diet is linked to a decreased risk of hearing loss. For the health of your ears and the rest of your body, make sure you get adequate sleep, manage your stress, and exercise regularly. On the other hand, smoking raises your risk of developing several illnesses, such as hearing loss.


So, here we are at the end of the tips that can help you know how to prevent hearing loss from getting worse. You can reach out to us at 1-888-432-7784 or book the Free Online Hearing Test here:

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