How to Clean & Care Your Hearing Aids?

How to Clean & Care Your Hearing Aids?

how to clean your hearing aids

Become familiar with how to clean hearing aids. Moreover, maintain them like they’re new for a longer period of time.

Due to their positioning in the ear canal, hearing aids are continually vulnerable to moisture and ear wax, which is not ideal for any kind of device. In order to keep your hearing aids in good shape and operating at their peak performance, it’s crucial to take care of them and clean your hearing aids frequently.

Some questions to ask before cleaning your hearing aids

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Hearing Aid?

Your hearing aids should be cleaned, preferably once a month. Furthermore, it is not bad at all considering it may be done carelessly while watching TV.

What Makes Cleaning Hearing Aids a Necessity?

If you think that hearing aids are not like clothes that look dirty and attract dirt, you’re wrong. As we already mentioned, they do tend to gather dampness, which might shorten the longevity of the hearing aids in the long run.

You save money by avoiding the financial strain of purchasing a new hearing aid each day so that you can increase its useful life. It’s definitely worth a small portion of your monthly schedule.

How to Clean Your Hearing Aids?

Now, let us take a look at how to clean hearing aids below.

clean hearing aids

Steps to Clean Your in-the-ear Hearing Aids

  • The delicate electrical connections might be harmed by water and chemicals. Swab or dab Wipe the hearing aids with a light, dry towel after taking them off.
  • Every day, check for earwax or moisture buildup in your hearing aid and clean as necessary. Make use of specific hearing aid cleaning tools for this. To stop earwax or dirt from entering the inside of the hearing devices, regularly clean them from top to bottom.
  • The earwax filter might be obstructed if the hearing aid’s loudness drops. Change the earwax filter if necessary, or seek advice from a hearing care specialist.

An In-the-Ear aid’s processors are housed inside the earpiece (in the shell), making these devices especially vulnerable to earwax, moisture, and dirt damage.

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Steps to Clean the BTE (Behind-the-ear) Hearing Aid

  • Check the instrument for dirt, and using a soft bristle brush or a dry cloth, extract it.
  • To clean it, take the earmold off the hook. Some earmolds, particularly those constructed of supple substances, have the potential to taint and deteriorate over time. Cleaning them fresh every day and immersing them in a lukewarm, cleaning solution once each week will help. Before using them, let the molds dry completely overnight without using ethanol or other solvents on them. If you detect a distinct smell coming from your earmolds, you should speak to a hearing healthcare specialist right away since it might be an indication that you have an ear infection.
  • To remove any remaining water from the tubing, blast it out with a bulb blower, and then leave it to dry overnight.

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Steps to Clean RIC Hearing Aid

  • Eliminate any dust by carefully brushing the hearing aid.
  • Any difficult substance can be expelled by gently massaging the dome tip with your thumbs.
  • Use a soft cloth to carefully clean the hearing aid’s whole surface.
  • If the dome is damaged or deformed, or if a buildup or obstruction cannot be cleared, it should be replaced as needed.

Take care when cleaning a RIC hearing aid; do not use water, alcohol, or chemical wipes.

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In the End

Just like washing your garments, utensils, bedding, or anything else you can think that you should clean your hearing aid because it is essential. Keeping an eye on the condition of your hearing aids is crucial because failing to do so increases the likelihood that you’ll need to spend money on a new version sooner than recommended. At Tri-County Hearing Services, you can easily make use of the cleaning services. Well, in that way, you don’t have to worry about ruining the device because the company handles the whole process professionally.

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