About Us

Our Vision

At Tri-County Hearing Services, we genuinely feel that with clear hearing, life gets better.

Our Mission

We, at Tri-County Hearing Service, want to make hearing services accessible for one and all. To create a better everyday life for individuals who find themselves separated from their loved ones because of their hearing loss. We offer services that can guide them and provide them with hearing solutions at cost-effective prices.

Lead a life that is Active and Happy

We want you to be able to resume your active lifestyle and establish enduring bonds with the people you care about. We also recognize that you could be hesitant or have had a negative experience when trying to improve your hearing. Like you, a lot of our patients were. They felt duped, received subpar patient care, and received ineffective therapies, which left them unhappy. They now live joyful, fulfilling lives without hearing frustrations and are appreciative of the individualized attention we gave them. And we also desire that for you.
The secret to better hearing is straightforward: ask for a free evaluation, be assessed, and improve your hearing. We want to free you from the hassles of poor hearing so that you can return to the things you enjoy. Make it so that people can easily hear even in noisy settings like social gatherings.

For more information, call us at 1-888-432-7784, or use the button below to arrange your free consultation.

We make sure to meet our client's needs

The calibre of service and knowledge you would anticipate from a qualified hearing professional will be delivered to you by our knowledgeable staff. Because of our cutting-edge testing and fitting tools, we can offer you a level of comprehensive hearing care that is unmatched. A comprehensive variety of digital products that have demonstrated themselves to be at the cutting edge of hearing technology strengthens our dedication to better hearing.

We understand that choosing the best hearing service provider can be burdensome. However, you can trust us for the following reasons.
  • We offer a free hearing consultation to our clients.
  • Free otoscopic exam to check for wax build-up.
  • Customized hearing solutions for individual needs.
Try us to to make your lives better!!

Tri-County Hearing Services